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They had set up camp in a crack in the rock, a short ride away from the ridge of elders. The crack must have happened ages ago, weather and the stone’s movement itself widening it at the base while it’s top was still thin. It wasn’t exactly a cave, but sufficient enough to protect them from the icy wind and the occasional snow. He quickly cleared the entrance of the white layer as well, picking up a few stones during the work. Those Dan placed in a small circle, to keep the fire in place. It was a good thing he had brought some fire wood as well as a bit of reindeer dung to start the fire. It would have been unpleasant and exhausting to search for drywood now. Most likely there wasn’t any around here anyway. The ridge of elders was… cold, unforgiving, harsh. But also beautiful, mystical and dreamy.

After preparing their camp, when the pot sat over the fire, the soup in it boiling, creating loud ‘blob’ sounds whenever an air bubble found it’s way through it to the top, Dan started to get nervous again. Up until now he had have things to do, work to occupy his mind with. Now, sitting in front of the fire, his thoughts wandered again. The image of the milky doe reappeared in his mind, the dark bear approaching. It’s stance didn’t look as frightening to Dan than before. Maybe Tana was right, and that bear was him? But who was the doe then? It couldn’t be…

The young man rubbed his forearm. Under the sheets of clothing there was a stylized deer tattoo, standing for his older sister. It had been her favourite animal. Why a deer?

“Is there some sort of ritual for this thing? Do I need to do something?”
Dan asked, just to get his mind out of the senseless asking. But if he thought about it, most likely it wasn’t the best idea to just walk up there and scream something like ‘Ey Ayppaq or whoever, I search a deer dream thingie’ in the wind.

Their presence was strong, it sparkled all around her and it felt like small ant feet walking around on her skin. It wasnt unpleasant, not strange, just...hard to describe. In a way it felt good they had not left her. They were still there as they had been before. She still had her questions but now she knew it was better to wait. Answers would be given when you were ready to ask the right questions.

Tuwa sat and cleaned the fur between her hindpaws free from snow, some had frozen into ice and bothered her. The black coated male Aluaq had made his own little 'nest' by going around in a tight circle, flattening the snow down. The shelter of stones gave protection from the wind but it was still cold. Doing what he did confined his warmth further.

Tana raised a brow "This thing? Are you in a rush, Dan? Are a pack of wolves on your heels or are the water levels rising? Calm your spirit, breathe! Everything around have come to this place in its own time, everything has its own time, the seasons, the journey of the sun and the moon, a time for life and a time for death. The only thing you will find if you rush are death Dan...its the only thing that will come quicker if you are in a hurry... Do not be like the Others, Dan... do not get lost in the search of something you don't know what it is...You will lose both time and yourself if you do." Her voice was stern but kind. They looked about to be the same age she and him...but at times she felt old, and especially when he spoke of thing she did not know what it was. She knew what it was like to lose time, it was not something she could get back no matter how much she wished for it. Tana nibbled her lip.

By now the barbary female had finished her cleaning and Tuwa had mimicked how Aluaq had done, and with a last huff she hid her face under her bushy tail. Tana took out her seal medicine bag and stroked the old skin. Only she knew its true age, it could not be seen by looking at it or touching it. Then she looked up at the young man in front of her. Her thoughts went to Joe and she hoped by the spirits he was protected, that the wolverine kept their brother safe like they promised. "To get an answer from the spirits, you need what, Dan? Its only you that know what you need, and only you that can ask them. The dream was yours and not mine and so is the task. I can only guide you and give you shelter under my wings. I can set you on a path but you must walk and find the right trail as the path splits...and you must be brave."

As she looked at him the firelight danced in her colorshifting eyes, almost in rhythm with the flames as they went from light to dark. "As we dream part of us go to the spirit world...that's why some dreams are strange, and they don't make sense...because what is possible there, are impossible in this world. The Others wave it away like it would be annoying insects in summer...they have forgotten. You need to go deeper..beyond the dreams...I be there for you Dan...but you need to take the step yourself. And to see, to find what you need to...die...just a little bit..." The woman caught his surprise and tried to ease it, gently stroking his spirit with her own. Until now it had been like the man had been tied to her words as they came out "...don't be afraid...Im always here, Dan...I protect you..."

While the humans talked, the previously untacked Tokotas Nirliq and Octavia laid down as well. They huddled close to each other, and weren’t too far away from  the other two as well. Even though both Octavia and Nirliq weren’t the friendliest or most socializing bearwolves, they had enough smarts to understand that sharing warmth was a good thing for everyone.

Dan felt uneasy. Even though Tana’s voice was kind, her words were not. He felt like a kid again. Being in school, a teacher that thought screaming at children was the best way to cope with them. He shrugged, then a sudden spark of anger glowed in him, fueled by both uncertainty and lack of knowledge.

“No. No! I’m not in a rush, I’m not running anywhere. But I don’t get any of this. I’ve never heard of spirits before I met you, I’ve never seen or felt anything supernatural or religious or whatever. I was just a normal kid out of a normal town. And then I found that pup who’d grow into Ittuluk, shortly after I lost everything else. I learned how to live from the land, survive in the wilderness. And I did so in pretty short time for the city boy I was before I think. But all this?” He made a big gesture to include their whole surroundings. “I don’t know anything about.”  The last words were muffled, Dan felt exhausted.

“I’m sorry Tana, I’m not angry at you. I… I just. Don’t know. This is a lot to cope with.” The black haired man sighed, shook his head and looked to the timewalker girl. “I wasn’t raised the way you are Tana, I know nothing of spirits and their behaviour, nothing of how to communicate or just listen to them. Before I met that polar bear on the ice with you I didn’t even believe they existed.”

Nirliq had lifted her head from under her bright tail when she had heard the edge in Dan’s voice. Her piercing stare still laid on him when she rested her barred head back on her paws. Octavia had opened her eyes as well, but couldn’t be bothered with moving anything else.

When the man raised his voice, Aluaq raised his head. His eyes was almost the same blue hue his human’s eyes normally was. His ears went back and there was a soft growl. Not aggressive just a growl of caution. Similar to what a tokota could growl to a pup that was about to do something bad. He didn't move from his spot however. Tuwa didn't move more than curling herself more tightly. She was tired and didn't care much about what the humans was currently doing.

She had been taken back slightly by the poison in his voice because he had never raised it towards her before. Her eyes narrowed. “Anger?” she asked “Why should you be angry? Nor should you be sorry. Does anger and sadness help you? Anger only make bad spirits stronger.” Tana shifted slightly, trying to find a better way to sit. “Dan, what would you normally do when you stand in front of something important? Something that can change or help you, to make you a better man? You watch and you learn, don't you? Just as you did with trying to live on these lands? It is of little matter how one was raised, Dan... it is about the will to learn. Look at the birds! They can't fly at first, but they try over and over again til they learn.” The woman exhaled and then got to her feet. Aluaqs blue eyes followed her movement, still he remained still where he was. The barbary females head still didn't move but her ears did, showing clearly that she wasn't as unaware as it might look like.

“There are no reason for you to be afraid, you are already walking among just can't see them yet... They are not to be feared..only respected and not taken for granted. One can not just take without giving. If you only take there will be nothing left in the end, and there will be nothing but barren ground and the howl of the wind.” Tana sat down beside Dan and took his hand, held her palm against his. Then she slowly let the space between them grow. She felt the heat and she wondered if he could as well. “Close your eyes...and listen to my voice...” She waited til she saw him close his eyes, giving him a nod of encouragement as she saw him hesitate. At first she hummed the melody then, softly she began to sing the words in her own tongue.

Under a blanket of stars
I'm leave traces
Watch the signs from the dancing lights
that flicker in the sky
In the wake of silence
my breaths resonate
Something whispers to me
Hold my hand
Stroke my cheek
Whisper beautiful words
Soothe me softly
Be warm so I'm not cold
guide me

As she sang she moved her hand from in front of his, slowly up along his arm to his chest. She felt the heat of his spirit linger just under her hand. Could he feel her hand? The warmth from her spirit? For a moment she stopped just over his heart, and she felt the beat of it, it paced like the fast beating heart of a hunted hare, or something close to it. He could not be afraid if he would cross over the worlds. The dark spirits would feel it instantly. And it would be hard for her to get him back. Like she had put her hand on his chest, she changed the fast beat she felt with her finger, almost like she would tap the edge of her own hand drum with it. Slowly she worked to make it slow down, to calm him. She took help by the beat of her own heart to find the right one. “Easy, Dan...easy... Now...before you open your eyes, I want you to feel... You need to feel before you can see...” She placed his free hand on her chest, over her heart.

Aluaq watched the humans and their doings, but when nothing extraordinary happened he lay down his head. From Tuwa came light snoring. Her youth made paying attention tiresome.

Nirliq’s gaze shifted from her handler to the black male. She didn’t like that soft growl at all, even though it meant no harm. A deep chirping sound left her snout, indicating that she was aware of the situation as well and would intervene if the black male did anything to her human. Octavia just closed her eyes again, being sure the humans would act their differences out without their help.

Dan sighed deeply again. Of course Tana was right, anger or sadness wouldn’t help him here. In fact, they didn’t help in any possible context. But still the human being felt it way too often for it’s uselessness. “You are right, Tana. But usually I am able to prepare myself for a challenge, to learn about it. I can read what standards our Tokotas have to fulfill to gain their Arms of Akna or pass their Rites of Dominance. I can listen to people who already did this and experienced it. I can gather knowledge about it and try to be as prepared as I can to make up for the lack of experience I have. Here I can’t. “ He stated matter-of-factly, but the forlorn expression in his face told that he wasn’t nearly as calm as he tried to sound.

He nodded. It was especially this part about her religion, about the spirits that he liked. The thought of nature being at balance and the need of respect to treat her as well as the endless circle of giving and taking. To one who did good, good will come.

Taken by surprise as Tana came closer and took his hand into hers, Dan needed a moment to process her words. The girl’s hand was so small compared to his, but still she held him firmly. Another look, encouraging words, then Dan closed his eyes. He could hear her humming, the rustle of her clothes when she moved slightly. The tune evolved to a song, strange sounding words he couldn’t understand. Her hand began to wander, and in the darkness of his closed eyes scenes emerged. He could see the glade of his dream again, and there was the huge black bear, standing protectively over the milky deer. He could feel how Tana lifted his hand up, over her heart. Could feel the beating of it, her breath lifting her chest. The rustle of feathers completed the scene as a snow owl shook her wings out on a branch on top of the so different pair of animals.

The scene faded again, but Dan felt peace. The light of the small fire blinded him at first as he blinked a few times. “I think I am ready now. I’ve seen the glade again. You were there too. Watching over us as I was watching over that deer. Who- or whatever it will be.”
Billion thanks for the RP darkcentaur <3

Only the Beginning

For all but Aluaq
12(2550 WC) +2(explore) +1(collab) +2(handler) +2(Aluaq 16212 is superstar) +2(tribemate)
Total = 21

Handler Name: Dan
Link to import sheet:
Octavia 13032
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Octavia 13032 ~ Tracker
Link to tribe benefits (if part of a tribe and utilizing tribe benefits): +5% success rate towards Exploring Issorartuyok TP Tracker

Link to import sheet: Nirliq 13436
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring/caving) journal: Nirliq 13436 - Tracker
Items/Companions: none
Defects/Health Issues: none
Tribe Bonus: +5% success rate towards Exploring Issorartuyok TP Tracker

Handler Name: Tanaraq
Tokota Import Sheet: Aluaq 16212
Tokota Tracker Journal: Aluaq 16212 
Trait/Items/Companions: Superstar /Bright Flashlight
Defects/Health Issues: None
Tribe Bonus: +5% success rate towards Caving, Fishing, Hunting &  Exploring   Issorartuyok TP Tracker

Tokota Import Sheet: Tuwawi 18778 "Tuwa"
Tokota Tracker Journal: Tuwawi 18778 Tracker
Trait/Items/Companions: Wild/Explorer/Hardy/Bright Flashlight
Defects/Health Issues: None
Tribe Bonus: +5% success rate towards Caving, Hunting & Exploring   Issorartuyok TP Tracker
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