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Akatchiri snarled at the barbary male, and ignored his wagging tail and his other friendly attributes. The pale half mane female knew that he was trying to suck up to her, just as he had done to the pied female not that long ago. The male had just left Tetora, licking the corners of her mouth, doing his best to charm her. Males! She showed the tawny her pearly whites again and got back to the trail.

Tana watched the interaction with a soft smile on her lips. Tetora had greeted the male quite differently than what Akatchiri did. The pied and barred female had at least wagged her tail back at the male. Not the half maned female however. She had been set on tracking the injured caribou bull. Tana’s smile faded. Some hunter of the others had thought he could handle a bow and arrow. She had never seen that kind before, all colorful like an autumn leaf. She had asked Dan for assistance and he had brought one of his own tokotas. The bull caribou had been found dead but the marks on the ground showed he had suffered. She felt the bulls spirit still shuffling the ground with his hooves like he would have challenged another male. He wasn't happy. If it was his old pain she felt Tana wasn't sure, just that her body ached in a way, most of all her shoulder where her scar from the firestick were.

The barbary male scuttered away, his still tail wagging as the half mane made a half hearted attack in his direction. It wasn't a serious one. Instead Akatchiri turned her focus back on the track and the other male that stood beside her. Tetora came up to Tana and snuffled her cheek before doing the same on the male twolegged. Then she walked up to the dead caribou to see the tracks too.

“Well, at least we don't have to track an injured bull...but I don't like the fact he had to suffer...because he suffered Dan, I feel it still... his spirit is not happy. Why do the Others do this...the man wasn't ready to hunt yet...he had not practiced enough.” She glanced at the rack of the bull. Greed was the most likely cause, the rack was huge and the velvet wasn't even shedded yet. Always this greed. “His spirit won't leave until things are set right...a proper hunt, someone...a female...that can guide him to the spirit world...that might put things in balance again. If we follow his track backwards perhaps we can find where the Hunter of the Others shot him, and then where the herd is? What do you think?”

Dan kneeled beside the dead bull. He had been huge, his rack impressive and surprisingly undamaged. In bulls of such age you almost always had minor damages to the racks, where the velvet got hurt during the growth face and left a stunted mark. But this one could have been out of a biology teaching book. It was a shame to see the animal gone, and an even bigger one to know that it had suffered and died in agony. One could easily tell by the trampled ground around them and the marks the attack of an unskilled hunter had left on the bull’s body. For once Dan didn’t needed Tana’s sensible feelings for the spirit world to know what had happened to the caribou.

Dan didn’t knew who had found the bull first. Tana had called him for assistance and so he accompanied her to this site. She had brought two Tokotas with her, one of the pups she had bred and an extended dun that was a half sister to the litter he was expecting soon. Ivigaaq’s belly had grown to a quite impressive size so he had high hopes for a nice litter.
His mind flung back to reality when the extended dun poked her nose into his face. Dan put her gently away and signalled Sleet to stay calm. There was no need to protect him or even mark him as his own.

The grey brown male was oddly quiet and disinterested in the other bearwolves. Instead he joined Akatchiri in analyzing the scents and traces around the dead body. Once in awhile one could see his back fur bristle and his ears twitch, as if something was around that he could feel but not see.

Dan nodded, no smile on his face or eyes. “I know Tana, I can feel it too. And see it as well, sadly. Mankind has grown apart from nature for too long, they have lost the respect for their fellow beings. Well, not all of them, but way too many. I will follow your guidance concerning the spirit world as always, I’m sure you now best. Do we need to take something of the bull with us? To connect his spirit to the females? We just need to make sure we won’t hunt down a pregnant one. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing another life without purpose.”

“You know I wouldn't hunt a pregnant female unless there are a cause for it...” her tone was a little short. In her tribe there was only one reason. Time healed things slowly and now it was in ways another scar. It could not be seen but it would always be there. Akatchiri looked up as Tetora came up to her and Misulik. The barbary male stood some paces away, still wagging his tail. Tana knew he was a wild male. Perhaps one of the females was close to coming into heat and he hoped that being nice to them his spirit to come close to theirs.

Tetora wagged her tail as the half mane looked at her. With a soft huff Akatchiri continued to snuffle about, sniffing tracks and splotches of blood. The caribou male had paced, laid down, gone up, fallen, and kicked the ground til he finally couldn't get up any more. The pale coated female looked in the direction of the dead animal. There was blood that had come out from both his nose and his mouth. A light twitch in her blacklined lips as the tawny male came closer again. She didn't mind males but she didn't like the fact he didn't leave her alone. Tetora on the other hand didn't seem to mind the male that close nor his attempts of courting.

Standing up Tana then walked up to the tokotas to investigate the track herself. She touched the most clear hoofprint and took some of the red stained moss and brought it up to her face, gave it sniff and even a small taste. She closed her eyes, seemingly concentrating on something. “He have his mother still in the herd...she is old, a broken horn and a ripped ear... What is better than a mother to show the way?” Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at the man. A subtle shift in her eyes, a faint smile. “She will help him...”

Dan nodded quickly and held up his hands with palms forward, a gesture of peace and acknowledgment. “Of course I do Tana, sorry. It’s just… Things like this always have a great impact on me. I can’t stand man’s ignorance towards nature and animals, both things that can hardly defend themselves in the end. Especially nowadays which most people hunt with rifles and the like.” If one knew the young man - and Tana certainly did so - it was visible in his whole posture and face how much it did upset him.

Misulik took a few steps back, not wanting to intrude anything between the wild barbary and the other females. He could feel the restless mind of his handler and it did have quite an influence on him as well. His usually bold attitude had vanished, even though the cheekish glimmer in his eyes was returning every now and then and some of the looks he gave the wild male were more than just challenging. He was still a young chap after all.
“She must be a strong one to survive so long that even her son could grew into an enormous adult. I am sure a mother’s guidance will bring him to the spirits safely.” He answered, even though he felt bad about hunting down such a successful creature. But she must have had a good life, much longer than most other caribous out in the alaskan wilderness.
“Let’s go then.”

They had ridden for a short distance from where the bull had fallen, watching Akatchiri and the wild male that was called Arturo bound ahead, when she turned toward the man. The tawny barbary male was smart enough to keep his distance and at least pretend to be interested by the track more than the pale female. Usually they didn't talk that much when they were on the tokotas back, instead they waited til they dismounted. Tana didn't mind. Some liked to talk a lot, and some like herself didn't mind the silence, leaving yourself to your own thoughts. She had chosen to ride Tetora since she liked to try out new tokotas, to train herself in some ways, and it wasn't always she got the chance to do so. It turned out that Tetora had a similar gait as Karigi but with Yakkii’s more bold movements. The female also took her cues without hesitation. That was a good thing.

“Kulavak...yes...” she gave Dan another subtle smile, one that really never showed in her features, it only made her slightly almond shaped eyes ‘smile’ a little more, glittered just like the sun did at the surface of a water surface. “...the mother caribou...she have lost many, but also saw many grow up, saw many of her children get children of their own. This bull I think was her firstborn, or one of the first at least. But don't worry, Dan. Her wisdom have been passed down to the herd...and she won't be gone forever...perhaps she will come back next season when the calves are born? Or the next?” Tana looked away. “One day I hope to see a child with my father's eyes...or my mother... to hear them call my name again...” The woman sighed deeply.

At this point they had arrived to edge of the tundra. The bull had run into an area where the spruces had been  rather spread out. It had been some big boulders too. Not as wooded area as it was closer to the tribe grounds. Perhaps the bull had hoped he would be able to heal himself if he just found a little shelter. The hunter's arrow had hit the animal far back, in the stomach. Through the wound caused by the arrow Tana had seen the damage it had done. It had caused more suffering than needed and a dragged out death.

Akatchiri turned slightly and chuffed in the direction of Misulik and Tetora. Tana wondered if she ignored the tawny male on purpose, pretending like he wasn't there at all. The tilted ear in his direction however told her that the pale female was well aware of him, she just didn't care about him. Then another movement, further out on the tundra, made Tana point in that direction. Some small light coated movements. Then one that moved at the far back, pale but with a dark head and shoulders. Tana squinted her eyes. Something made her look closer at her, and the feeling that she was more special than just the coat grew. The female’s horn was much thinner and not as wide as the males. One side seemed to be much smaller, like it was broken off. She pointed at the special animal and turned to Dan. “That’s her...”

He listened to her words in silence, nodding at the end to indicate that he had heard her. Some things didn’t need an answer, because nothing he could say would make Tana miss her family less. To him it was understandable, even though it wasn’t the same for him. The only family member he truly missed was his sister, the rest of it he had either never looked at as family or he didn’t knew them anyway. Maybe there would be a day when he would see the spirit of his sister reborn, maybe not. Even though he had come to accept the spirituous part of himself to be as important as all the others it was still a new concept. A field Dan was carefully exploring, not rushing into it. Fanatics were the worst, regardless their religion.

Slowly the face of the land changed. Soon enough the Tokotas behaviour indicated something. Tana was first to spot the caribou, pointing them out for him. And indeed, there was an old female, oddly coloured and with a rack that must have gotten damaged at some point in her long life. Even without Tana telling him Dan realized that must be her.
“She’ll be a fabulous guide. Alone the sight of her speaks of wisdom and knowledge.” Dan didn’t know how much it was just his fantasy going wild, but ever since he had confronted his fear of bears and found peace with his totem animal, his senses were much more alert and he felt an empathy he didn’t before.

They rode as near as possible without spooking the herd. It seemed like the female already knew why they were here. The old caribou changed her direction, stopped following the herd and came into the sight of the group of predators willingly. It was an easy task to point her out to the bearwolves, and her end was quick and almost painless. A slight brush of fur against his bare skin, the smell of caribou and that special little grunt they made when you scratched them at an itching spot - the goodbye of a content soul. Dan grabbed Tana’s hand. “Have you felt that too? I think they’re safe now.”

The woman smiled. Felt the balance shift ever so slightly. Saw the shimmer from the body rise and like a shower of dewdrops on a disturbed branch it glittered as it moved. The faded outline of the old female. She was no longer swaybacked nor did she have the grey hairs of age on her face. No, she was young again. There was a grunt from the direction they had come from and Tana saw the bull come towards them, in the same faint form. His steps energetic and his head held high.

With a gentle touch, nose to nose, the two light forms then came together as one. Then the form and the shimmer grew thinner till it was gone all together. Her smile faded just ever so slightly. “Yes Dan...I did...” She gave him a look, her head tilted a little, looked at was within and underneath, then her smile came back. “...they are with the spirits now...he is not upset anymore...the balance is right again... Thank you Dan...for helping me”

Tetora and Akatchiri came up to her while Arturo seemed to take the end of the hunt as a cue to leave. He threw his head back and howled. After a few moments the females replied. Tana gave Dan a glance and then leaned her head back and mimicked their howling. A perhaps fitting song for two returning spirits.

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“One day I hope to see a child with my father's eyes...or my mother... to hear them call my name again...” 
This line.. *cries and hugs Tana*
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;) What can I say.... Tana miss her family even she in a way have a new one within the tribe.
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